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How To Purchase SoftSDC activation codes?
In order to purchase SoftSDC licenses, please visit, login or register, visit Pricing page and click on Buy. You will be redirected to order form hosted by myCommerce, web service used to process payments and generate SoftSDC activation codes.

One SoftSDC activation code is required for each POS you plan to operate. We are offering three license plans: annual license, biennial license and triennial license, meaning you are paying per POS (Point of Sale), per either year, two years or three years respectively, starting from the day you enter the activation code. Once the payment is complete, your will receive a notification email containing the activation code(s).

Choose quantity, provide business details and choose payment option. Following payment options are supported

  • Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, Master, Amex or JCB)
  • PayPal
  • Check - prepayment
  • Wire Transfer
You can also pay by wire transfer directly from your bank account. If you would like to pay for the SoftSDC activation codes via wire transfer, please visit Wiretransfer page. We will email you Proforma invoice and payment instructions.

Last Updated 6 years ago

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