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I'm having issues with my card reader
We have learnt recently that some of our users have been experiencing issues while using SoftSDC. After thorough investigation, we have found out that the main cause is the usage of low-end smart card readers not always supported and/or recognized by default Windows drivers, especially Windows 7.
One of smart card readers available on the Fiji market is labeled as IOGear, however Windows OS displays it as Alcor micro and doesn't always recognize its drivers. The drivers provided with the reader do not work on Windows 7. That's why the card reader doesn't support FRCS cards or it stops working all of a sudden.
We have managed to find the supported driver for that card reader brand and installed on a client's POS machine, and it solved the issue.

If you have this card reader and you are experiencing similar card reader issues on your Windows OS computer, we are recommending you to download the driver from this location

We are fully aware that the Fiji market is lacking a wider variety of quality card readers, nevertheless if you are in the position to chose, we strongly recommend buying a quality card reader such as Gemalto.

If you are still experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support at

Last Updated 6 years ago

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