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I want to reinstall OS on my computer, what should I do?
If you haven't made any changes on your hardware, and you haven't preserved the license file, you can still re-activate your license with the same activation code 5 times without contacting Support. After 5 reactivations, you will need to contact our Support.

For the license to survive OS re-installation, license file (C:\ProgramData\SoftSDC\regkey.dat) should be preserved. Please note that we do allow a minor changes of the hardware, but you need to keep the original license file.

NOTE: you are limited to only one change per component per license.

Thus, prior to OS reinstallation, please:
- Preserve the file C:\ProgramData\SoftSDC\regkey.dat and just paste it back once SoftSDC is reinstalled.
- Ensure that all invoices are sent to FRSC from the original computer. It is done automatically when it is online and PIN is provided. So, after the last invoice is issued, computer has to be online, PIN provided, then wait until everything unsent is sent, including the last invoice (usually for a few minutes). You may also check manually if folder C:\ProgramData\SoftSDC\SoftSDC (Fiji Production)\AuditDataOutbox is empty. You can also send invoices manually on Taxpayer Admin Portal using Local Audit as described in the SoftSDC Manual in section Start Local Audit

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