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We would like to integrate our POS with your SoftSDC app
As far as the use of our app with a POS system goes, it is intended to be used out-of-the-box, meaning it does not require any additional development or any modification of your own POS system - it runs in the background not interfering with your POS.

All it takes is installing SoftSDC.msi on a Windows OS based machine on which you will run your POS, or on a different Windows OS based machine connected to your POS, depending on your infrastructure, of course. The minimum requirements are explained in our Manual, found on our website

  1. You need to have your POS accredited at FRCS (
  2. End user of SoftSDC (your customer) must be a registered Fiji taxpayer (
  3. The Taxpayer must obtain a personalized smart card from FRCS
  4. In order to using the smart card, the Taxpayer needs a smart card reader attached to a machine running SoftSDC
NOTE: unless you (or your customers) have already obtained a smart card from FRSC, you will not be able to use a downloaded copy of SoftSDC for testing purposes. If you need a test development environment, please contact FRCS and they will provide you with Development ESDC - no smart card or smart card reader needed.

In regards to the points two and three, if you already have customers in Fiji, please ask them if they have already registered and obtained a personalized smart card. If not, please advise them to do so.

The next steps for running and using SoftSDC:

  1. SoftSDC comes as a fully featured 4-day trial, after that, you need a license to continue using it
  2. Annual license can be bought via our website
  3. Each of your customers must buy a license, or you can do that for them, it's up to you
  4. One license can be used on one machine and one machine only
If you are not sure about the number of licenses your customers need, we can help you with that, just tell us the exact number of POS on their premises.

Should you have additional questions or if you experience issues while installing and running SoftSDC, check out our FAQ, or feel free to open a ticket by emailing us at

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